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Rhema Christian Fellowship is under the leadership of Pastor Carzadean B. Harris and is located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Like Rhema on Facebook.

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Mar 25th, 2017 by rhemacf at 11:24 pm

Pastor Harris takes us on a practical look at why we need to release things in our lives so that God can provide us with new fresh things that are more for our benefit. Change will not come if we do not learn how to begin to release.

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 1:07 am

Pastor Harris delivers a strong and encouraging message to men..."fathers". Foster an atmosphere of Christ in your family. Demonstrate the love of Christ. Make a commitment of time and prayer to them.  

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 1:01 am

God is and has always been our greatest encourager. He has given us encouragement and encouragers in our life. He has taught us how to be encouragers for others. Be what He has taught you to be...an encourager.

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:56 am

The question is simple..."are you willing to be a follower of God and His will for you"? Pastor Harris reflects on this question.


Elder Harris takes us back to the beginning of our faith in Genesis. He takes us through Abrams journey of faith as he (Abram) begins to leave behind things that God sees as undesired. Elder points out that to move forward with the power of God we must not carry bitterness on the journey.

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:45 am

God shapes and molds us to what He wants us to be. He has an image of who we are and who we will be.  Allow Him to shape you!

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:41 am

All things that are righteous are provided by God. God makes us righteous not we ourselves or nothing that we do can make us righteous. 

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:28 am

Pastor Harris continues with the series, Staying With The Master. She explains how God proves His love for us by sending Christ to die for us and that believing in the Son is necessary in order to understand and believe in the power of God and how denying the Son means not believing in God.

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:19 am

"Let us run with endurance the race that God has set before"...how by keeping our eyes on Jesus. Staying with the Master. Pastor Harris reminds us that Christ is the champion who initiates our faith.

Jun 21st, 2016 by rhemacf at 12:11 am