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Rhema Christian Fellowship is under the leadership of Pastor Carzadean B. Harris and is located in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Like Rhema on Facebook.

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May 1st, 2017 by rhemacf at 11:16 pm

When family doesn't come through for us it does not mean that there is no unity. Pastor Harris says that when family doesn't come through it may mean that they can't or that God does not allow them. Listen as Pastor Harris takes us through the lives of some biblical families who did not come through for each other but God had a plan for them all. She also provides advice for youth who are humble enough to hear the voice of God and rejoice.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 10:17 pm

Listen, as guest minister Elder Albert Smith of Real Life Christian Fellowship Ministries delivers a powerful convincing sermon supporting Luke 12:32 and 2 Timothy 1:7. He tells us that the Lord will empower us through the Holy Spirit to face anything that we come up against. He further says that where God guides, He provides.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 10:04 pm

Pastor Harris shows us through scripture that we are spiritual beings and that every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God (1 John 4:2). What a confirmation of who you are if you confess so.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 9:43 pm

Where faith is, God abides. He abides in people of faith. Since faith without works is dead, Pastor Harris reveals to us that we have to make our faith work for us.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 9:19 pm

"Stop wasting the blessings that God has given you/ He has kept you for a reason", says Pastor Harris. She goes on to say we need to show God our commitment and stop giving Him excuses fro not committing to Him.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 9:12 pm

How much do you really love and trust God? Pastor Harris bring us a Valetine Day message of real love... God's love. 

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 6:07 pm

God knows the things in our lives. He knows the things we have released and the things we hold on to. He knows the things He has for us and our future. The Word of God is a discrener. Pastor Harris cautions us that because the Word discerns our thoughts and our intents of the heart, you can not decieve God.

Apr 23rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 5:50 pm

Pastor Harris continues the series on release, reminding us that a release has to be a spiritual release. Release means to be free, free from things that bound us. Are you giving up things that have you bound?

Apr 3rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 10:59 pm

Are you really being released? Are you really taking God serious during your meditation and consecration times? God is seeking a release for us. We don't want him to seek a release from us! Pastor Harris uses the Book of Romans to bring this fact home.

Apr 3rd, 2017 by rhemacf at 10:47 pm
Just like our closets, drawers, storage sheds, and garges we store up the wrong things. Pastor Harris tells us that "WE’RE SO BUSY WORRYING ABOUT WHAT WE HAD AND WHAT WE HAVE" that we don't leave room for God to fill us with the things He has for us.  
Let us think...
  • Of the things signalized by His glory and His presence.
  • What’s coming?
  • What’s next?